YENGAFRICA is a travelling platform that serves as an entry door to every traveler willing to discover and explore Cameroon. All the travelling services listed on our website are rendered by fully compliant professionals and businesses in every local destination.  

Our goal is to have a strong local impact in every local destination we offer, create more proximity with the local African actors and increase our positive environmental and social impact.  

We have locked a financial guarantee of 5.000.000 FCFA at UBA bank and subscribed to a Professional Civil Liability insurance at AGC insurance, covering consequential material and immaterial damages up to 150 000 000 FCFA. 

We aim at making Africa the number one destination in the world, that is why we collaborate with the best local partners to provide you with the best services.


Our properties are strictly selected by our team and reviews are constantly monitored to better our services and those of our partners.


Our services are operated by top professionals who like us value the security and satisfaction of travelers. To assist our clients, we have build a team of travel agents who are available 6 days a week to guide and accompany you before, during and after your trip.

At the moment, we consolidate travelling services only in Cameroun. However, we will be working effortlessly to expand our services across Mama Africa. 

Accommodation, activities, and car services are updated daily by our partners through the extranet access we have made available to them. For our partners facing difficulties using their extranet access to update their inventory, we perform daily routine follow ups to accompany them and to make sure their online inventory is up to date to ensure bookings are instant. 

Joel Nana is a Cameroonian graduate from the University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne, Skema Business School Paris and holds an MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University. 

Passionate about the African continent, Joel noticed the lack of knowledge of the African culture among Africans living on the continent as well as among some Afro descendants in the diaspora and foreigners.  


He thought of YENGAFRICA as a way:  

  • For people like him passionate about the continent and its heritage, to discover Africa in a wellness while immersing themselves culturally or communicating with nature; 


  • To include Africans in the discovery of the land of their ancestors via a commercial strategy adapted to the continent  


  • To decomplexify tourism on the African continent by offering an entry door for everyone willing to explore Cameroon by consolidating  holiday homes, activities and other travelling services researched by travelers.



We strive to impact lives of people that promote tourism in Cameroun and Africa, reason why We have partnered with key travel and tourism actors in Cameroun.



Very soon, we will be having more than 120 accommodations online. We will continue to work effortlesssly to bring online accommodations which are not on the online tourism market in Cameroon



We work with the best guides and tour operators to bring online unique experiences in Cameroun, promote rural development and promote the African culture and heritage.


Car rentals

Road trips should offer one of the best experiences. That is why we rigorously select local car rental companies to provide safe road trips experiences.

"At YENGAFRICA, we are convinced that tourism is vital and determinant for developing Cameroun and Africa. That is why we believe our short and long term strategy that engages local actors will economically and sustainably impact lives, change the perception people have about the continent, and reaffirm Africa's position as the cradle of mankind."

Joel Nana

CEO & Founder

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