You master your city or village
and you operate locally?

You have local trips and activities to offer, or you want to be a guide for our tours and activities?

How does it work?



Fill in the questionnaire to let us know your interest.



We investigate your request and get back to you



You can sign up, list your activities, and start earning money while guiding around your city and sharing your culture.

Share the beauty of your city

Why be a Local Guide with us

Participate in the social and economic development of your village or city

Preserve our planet and nature

Increase your revenue


Do I need to have experience or a degree in tourism to be a guide?

No degree or experience is needed; however, you need to abide by the tourism codes and principles, master the culture and history of your city or village and obtain a guiding license.

Do I get trained to be a guide?

Yes. For less experienced guides with no degrees, we provide training courses and make sure you understand the guiding principles before you start. If you do not have a government license, you are only allowed to guide alongside an authorized guide with a license. We can help you obtain a guiding license.

I have a degree in tourism and a license, I operate locally and have tours and activities. Do I need to contact YENGAFRICA?

If you have a guiding license delivered by the government with years of experience working as a guide, you can directly list your tour or activity on our extranet. We will review it and put it online.

Do I get paid to be a guide and how much?

Yes, you get paid to be a guide. The amount you earn depends on the training you received and if we help you create the tour or not.

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