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    Frequently asked questions

    What is an activity at YENGAFRICA ?
    An activity at YENGAFRICA is an experience that has a maximum duration of 24 hours. An experience could be a - visit of a museum - Attending an art or cultural festival - Exploring a city - Visiting a handcraft or industrial factory - Participate in classes and work shops (Culinary, sports, arts classes ...) - Solidarity and social activities - Tickets and passes (Attractions, Festival and events, Shows and events and sports ticket) and much more.
    Who can list an activity ?
    An activity can be listed by a Tour operator, a touristic guide (local, national, regional and local), an association (NGO), attractions, night clubs, hotels and any individual that holds a specific know how and wishes to diversify his revenue by sharing his know how with travelers.
    Who can book an activity ?
    At YENGAFRICA, an activity can be booked by all categories of travelers (Solo traveler, families, co travelers, girls group, friends, kids and enterprises) as long as they have created an account with us.
    How can I book an activity ?
    To book an activity online, all you need to do is add the activity to the basket and move to the basket on the top right. When in the basket, you can simply click on pay and select your desired payment method and proceed to payment. However, you can always meet us is our offices in Bonammoussadi Douala, on our online chat or by phone if you wish to clarify your doubts before booking.
    What payment methods do we accept ?
    Online we accept Card payments (Visa or Mastercard), Mobile money payments and YUP. In store, you can equally pay by card and mobile money transfers. We do not physically accept cash in our offices, however, you can always deposit cash in our Mobile money account at your local mobile money cash point or at the mobile money cash point opposite our offices in bonamoussadi.
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