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Our values are key and are at the heart of our company. These values are part of the foundation of our ambition and the heritage obtained from our ancestors. They accompany us in the accomplishment of an excellent service towards our customers and our partners.


Respect for us goes beyond mere politeness.
Africa is an extraordinarily rich continent; it welcomes all those who carry human values and respect those specific to the continent. We encourage you to discover it while respecting the inhabitants, the staff, the villagers, and the institutions that ensure the security, the conservation of the heritage and the traditions that gives a sense of identity to people for decades.

We are committed to serving all our customers with respect, regardless of their nationality, age, religious affiliation, disability, ethnicity, genetic characteristic, sexual orientation, or any other form of discrimination.

We have a deep respect for the tangible and intangible cultural heritage that exists in the different countries of Africa, the oral and social practices, the art, the traditional dances, and everything that provides a sense of belonging or identity to people. Like us, we ask you to respect this heritage during your stay or travel with YENGAFRICA.

In Africa, neighbors are considered true ”brothers of services”. During your stay or tour with us, you must respect your neighbors and not disrupt the existing good neighborhood relationship.

At YENGAFRICA, your journey and discovery can begin in your accommodation. The accommodations we offer for rent are more than just vacation homes. Some properties are generational and through many pieces of art and chic or authentic design, they tell unique stories. While staying in any of our properties, we ask that you respect the property and personal belongings of the owners.

The respect of the environment and nature is a subject that concerns every one of us and we believe that each of us must contribute to preserve nature and humanity. Biodiversity in Africa remains rich and we intend to make our contribution to preserving it.

Before your stay, we will provide you with a guide of good practices for a clean and sustainable trip. During your trip, our guides and partners who will accompany you would not hesitate, if necessary, to remind you of the good and responsible travelling practices to follow.

Poaching and unauthorized hunting of animals is forbidden during your stay or tour with us. If necessary, you can contact our sales agents who will inform you of the hunting rights and laws to be respected in the country in which you are staying.


We want to establish a long-term relationship with our clients and our partners.  That is  why we are committed to doing the right thing, doing what we say and saying what we do. We stand up for what is right and make decisions as if the future of our organization depended on it.

We thrive to accompany you and respond to all your requests before, during and after your trip or business partnership through a healthy and transparent dialogue. Our credibility depends on your satisfaction, that is why every feedback is made public and reviewed by our teams, to improve our services.


The owners of our accommodations are committed to respecting intellectual property rights. No cameras or recordings will be used or made by the owners in the private areas of the accommodation during the stay.

We try to be as clear as possible in our descriptions of what is and is not included in your reservation. You are not allowed to use optional services that you have not taken as a supplement or stay beyond the dates of your stay.

In an increasingly digital and connected world, we get closer to you through our physical branches that are open during the day and our hotline that stays open 7 days on 7 to respond to your emergencies. In addition to our assistance services, we work closely with the local authorities and law enforcement agencies in each country; our 7/7 hotline security services are available for all customers who have booked their stay with us.

We are not responsible for transactions made outside of YENGAFRICA. Vacation homes must not be used for money laundering, drug trafficking or any other type of illegal trade; fraudulent transactions are not allowed.

No type of violence (Physical, Psychological and Sexual) will be tolerated or allowed during your stay or tour with YENGAFRICA.


Hospitality is a virtue that we value and which is sometimes considered by some Africans as a cultural obligation. The sense of sharing and generosity is not calculated or measured in Africa because those who have nothing often freely express their generosity without expecting nothing in return.

Hospitality gives a meaning to what we do, permits us to live together in harmony and helps us adapt to a global and constantly changing environment.

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