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Bapa is a village in Cameroon, located in the Hauts-Plateaux department in the West region. It is part of the community of Bangou. The chiefdom was founded in the 1600s by a hunter called Fé Tchouanmegne from Bamendou. Oral history tells us that during a hunting trip, he discovered this territory full of game and settled there in the company of other hunters.

Fear of being noticed and chased out of the territory, the group scanned the horizon each time. This is why they are called “watchers”. From this name comes the name pa, hence “Bapa”. It is in the wake of local development through cultural heritage that the king on the throne His Majesty SIMEU David II, in synergy with his community undertakes to carry out important works (community museum, the house of flavors of the palace and very soon the rural lodging houses).

Operational since March 2018, the museum built around the theme “Man Nature and Beliefs” presents a journey through 7 spaces that each address a specific aspect of the said theme, immersing the public in a symbiosis between tradition and nature. Several offers and services are grafted around the Museum Hut of Bapa: Reception and information and guided tours.

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