Land of traditions and culture, Bafoussam is the capital of the western region. It is gifted of many natural sites like caves, waterfalls and mountains.

The main event in Bafoussam is the NYANG NYANG festival that occurs every two years during the month of February. THe festival is the longest in Cameroun due to its duration of 4 months. NYANG NYANG means power or magic. This festival is an initiation process similar to baptism, children aged between 6 and 15 are initiated through dancing ceremonies and and screams of crow replicated by participants.

The festival usually takes place during the harvest period, and the crow sounds made by the kids symbolizes the crow sounds made by crows in the farm when their mothers are harvesting. Bafoussam is also a lively city at night, whether you are simply passing by bafoussam or spending the night in bafoussam you will definitely enjoy and find fun things to do in the city.

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