Are you looking into visiting Cameroun ? Douala is a must stop passage point.

Douala is a cosmopolitan city with overflowing energy that comes from its ethnic and cultural mixture. Business men spend a lot of time in Douala due to the economic opportunities that the city offers, however, they always find great activities in Douala or few minutes or hours away from Douala like the Manoka island trip, visiting the highest waterfall in Cameroon or just having a workshop of the local Douala iconique traditional danse called the ambassi Bey.

Douala is similar to Cameroon in miniature, you could come across various inhabitants who come from different African countries living in harmony with Cameroonians. The hospitality in Douala is just amazing, the city is booming and remains on constant movement 24H/24

Above all, the historical and city tour of Douala is one of the best city tours in Cameroon. Colonizers first boarded Cameroon through the coast of Douala, making Douala the city that detains a great part of the history of Cameroon. Visit Douala and find fun things to do with YENGAFRICA.

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