The city of Limbe is distinguished by a rich vegetation cover resulting from a high rainfall and an abundant agro-industrial activity. It is a purely historical and touristic area which abounds in numerous potentialities of the whole South-West Region. You will find at about 30 minutes drive “the chariot of the gods“ main attraction of the region. It is the highest mountain in Cameroon, with an altitude of more than 4,040m.

For nature lovers, you will enjoy a very mild and peaceful climate with a very rich soil where we find national parks that contain millions of years old plant species. You will also find the old ports from which the slaves embarked in Bimbia and Nicholls Island. Visiting this site will give you the impression of reliving all this period of bartering, seeing flashes of the ships that docked and left with the slaves pass through your mind.

Limbe for over 25 years has equally been working to protect wild life, while in Limbe you can participate in volunteer activities linked to wild life or simply visit the Limbe wild life center to contribute and learn more about the different animal species in the park like primates, grey parrots and much more…

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