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300+ Tours & Activities in Cameroon

Coffee tasting at the Synergie Nord Sud factory in Nkongsamba

Synergy Nord Sud is a private structure of treatment and transformation of coffee located in...
  • avatarBY VITOMO
  • August 9, 2022 7:50 pm
300+ Tours & Activities in Cameroon

Tea flavor and fragrance along side culture and history

The enchantment begins with the visit of the plantation and the tea processing factory of...
  • avatarBY Office de Tourisme de Dschang
  • August 25, 2022 11:30 pm
300+ Tours & Activities in Cameroon

Agriculture and fish breeding workshops for kids Douala, Yassa

Let’s prepare tomorrow’s leaders together and create unique family experiences around farming workshops that aim...
  • avatarBY Club Potager
  • June 18, 2022 9:40 am
300+ Tours & Activities in Cameroon

Floral art workshop

Floral composition is a living work of art where nature and man meet. It’s a...
  • avatarBY LIL GARDEN
  • May 29, 2023 6:25 pm
300+ Tours & Activities in Cameroon

Discovering the Majestic Ekom Nkam Waterfalls in Cameroon: An Unmissable Cameroonian Odyssey

Imagine yourself standing amidst lush greenery, the air filled with the exhilarating roar of cascading...
  • May 22, 2023 3:48 am
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