Gone are the days when flower gifting was exclusively reserved for women. Throughout history, from the Romans presenting bouquets to the goddess Flora to the modern era, the perception of men and flowers has evolved. Nowadays, men truly appreciate the sentiment behind receiving a beautiful bouquet or a potted plant as a thoughtful gift. If you’ve never considered giving flowers to your beloved man or are unsure about which bouquet to choose, our comprehensive guide and engaging floral workshop will assist you in making the perfect selection.

Can You Give Flowers to a Man?

Absolutely! Men, just like anyone else, appreciate elegance and beauty. They cherish expressions of love and affection. In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to see men confidently donning a pink shirt or indulging in self-care with beauty products. When a man presents you with a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, the enchanting fragrance and vibrant colors captivate your senses. So why not extend the same joy to men by gifting them a carefully crafted and stylish bouquet?

Have you ever wondered how deeply such an offering could touch men’s hearts? Whether it’s surprising your beloved, brother, or father, take a leap of faith and present them with a bouquet that exudes sleekness and sophistication.

Note: If you’re gifting fresh flowers to a single man, consider purchasing a vase as a thoughtful addition. Since he might not be accustomed to receiving bouquets, this gesture will make a lasting impression.

Why Give Flowers to a Man?

1. To Celebrate

Move away from the usual bottle of wine and surprise your best friend or brother on their birthday with a meticulously arranged bouquet. Father’s Day also provides an ideal opportunity to gift your dad a bouquet as a symbol of eternal love. If your husband has recently achieved a professional promotion, congratulate him by adding a vibrant touch to his office decor. Rest assured, his colleagues will be envious of the burst of color!

2. To Surprise

There’s no better way to surprise someone than by presenting them with flowers for no specific reason. If you’re seeking to infuse excitement into your relationship, a well-curated bouquet is an inexpensive yet impactful gesture. With minimal effort, you can create an awe-inspiring surprise that will leave a lasting impression.

3. To Apologize

At times, the language of flowers can express sentiments more eloquently than words. If you find yourself needing to apologize, consider offering a bouquet accompanied by a heartfelt card and a small gift. The element of surprise will hopefully expedite forgiveness and help your spouse move past the incident.

4. To Express “I Love You”

For decades, men have been presenting flowers to express their love to their beloved partners. Ladies, it’s time to reciprocate! Embrace boldness and declare your love by gifting gentlemen a bouquet adorned with vibrant colors. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or your upcoming wedding anniversary, convey your emotions with the captivating language of flowers.

5. To Share Well-being

Did you know that flowers possess soothing properties? They serve as an excellent remedy for anxiety and stress. If your best friend is feeling overwhelmed or your partner is burdened by work-related challenges, gifting them flowers is a gesture that will touch their hearts during trying times. Allow the healing power of flowers to envelop the men in your life and make a positive impact.

Which Flowers and Plants to Give to Men?

When selecting flowers for men, opt for sleek and streamlined designs. Floral compositions paired with greenery create a raw and natural aesthetic that men often appreciate.

Wondering which flowers to choose? Consider their personal taste and character. Men in creative professions may be drawn to graphic bouquets or unique plants like monsteras or crassulas. On the other hand, individuals in the food industry may prefer bouquets that combine vibrant colors with subtle fragrances.

For celebrations of significant achievements, consider the gladiolus, symbolizing victory, as an excellent choice for friends or partners.

If you prefer gifting plants, opt for low-maintenance species such as succulents or cacti. These choices are highly valued and easy to care for.

The Lil garden Floral Workshop: Unleash Your Creativity and knowledge of flowers

Elevate your floral gifting skills with our exclusive floral workshop conducted by Lil Garden. Join us on YENGAFRICA to learn the art of selecting the perfect set of flowers, arranging them with finesse, and creating stunning floral compositions. Delve into the world of floral design, and let your creativity flourish under the guidance of expert florists. The workshop offers a unique opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about flowers and transform them into captivating gifts.

Choosing Flower Colors for a Masculine Bouquet

During our floral workshop, you’ll explore the nuances of color selection for masculine bouquets. While men generally prefer bold and vibrant shades, it’s essential to consider their personality and preferences.

Avoid pastel colors when gifting flowers to men. Instead, choose a color scheme based on its symbolism:

– White: For apologies or forgiveness.
– Red: To express passionate love.
– Yellow: To show gratitude for being the sunshine in your life!


Gifting flowers to men is a thoughtful and meaningful gesture that holds the power to touch their hearts, just like it does for women. Whether you’re celebrating, surprising, apologizing, expressing love, or sharing well-being, a carefully chosen bouquet conveys your sentiments in a unique and beautiful way. Embark on a journey of floral discovery and create unforgettable moments for the special men in your life by joining our captivating floral workshop. Let the magic of flowers inspire you to make every occasion extraordinary.