1. What is it?
Located in Yaoundé, the Ethnographic Museum of the Forest Peoples is an open door to the millennial traditions of the forest communities. Founded in 2005 by Dr. Thérèze Fouda, this rare and enchanting place recreates the soothing and isolated atmosphere of the tropical forest in the heart of the city. 🌿 Despite the urban hustle and the honking of vehicles outside, once inside, calm prevails, enveloping visitors in a silence that amplifies cultural immersion. You will discover ancestral objects, traditional architectures, and captivating stories that celebrate the richness of the forest peoples. 🌳✨

2. When to visit?
The museum is open every day of the week, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Note, it may close on holidays. If you plan to come in a group, it is best to contact the museum to organize your visit optimally or write to us for a personalized tour. 📅🕓

3. How to get the best photos?
The site is full of charm, making the choice of the best photographic spots a real challenge. We recommend three must-see places to capture the essence of the site:
The Red Gate: 

Articulated and decorated in a style evoking the forest, this gate with its stylized trees offers a spectacular background everlasting memories. 📸🌳

Ekang Writings: 

Pose in front of this wall adorned with Ekang writings, symbolizing the inventiveness and creativity of this people. 📜🖌️

The Women’s Hut:

For a touch of authenticity, immortalize the traditional architecture of the women’s hut, beautifully framed by trees. 🏡🌲

4. Duration of a guided tour?
A guided tour of the museum lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The guide will take pleasure in explaining the exterior and interior works. The visit is interactive, and time flies. ⏳🏛️

5. Is it necessary to book to visit the museum?
It is not necessary to book before your visit to the Museum. You can opt for a walk in to the Museum and purchase your tickets on site. However, we recommend making an online reservation to facilitate the organization of your visit. The reservation allows the museum to be informed of your arrival. Additionally, if you are  a frequent traveler with YENGAFRICA or wish to explore more on our  marketplace, you earn points everytime uou book onine regardless of your payment method. Your points are reusable for all activities offered on yengafrica.com, don’t miss out on this opportunity  💻🎫

6. How to get there?









Take a taxi to the Elig Essono intersection, the museum is located right next to the Mfoundi pharmacy, you can’t miss it. Whether you arrive by taxi or with your own vehicle (GPS will easily take you there), you will find your way easily thanks to the visible signs at the museum entrance. 🚖🗺️


7. Can you stay overnight?
The Ethnographic Museum and History of the Forest Peoples do not offer accommodation for visitors. 🚫🏨

8. What to wear during the visit?
The museum visit can be done in any attire, formal or casual. It is just advised to avoid nudity to respect the site and the museum’s image. 👗👖

9. How is connectivity or network coverage?
The connection is good for all operators. You can share your live feeds with ease. 📶📱

10. Wheelchair accessibility?
The museum is not accessible to wheelchair users at the moment. ♿🚫

11. Admission cost?

The entrance fee to the museum is 10,000 francs for foreign visitors and 5,000 francs for national visitors. 💵🎟️

12. Site accessibility?
The site is easily accessible, right in front of the paved road, and has secure parking for vehicles. However, it is important to note that the museum is not accessible to wheelchair users. 🚗🅿️

13. Can you buy tickets in advance and avoid queues?
Yes, it is possible to book your tickets in advance, which is recommended to better organize the visit and anticipate the crowd. Advance reservations also allow you to earn points usable for future visits. 🛒🎟️

14. Is the museum family-friendly? What are the facilities for children?
The museum is ideal for family visits, offering a pleasant and green environment that allows children to connect with nature. However, there are no specific play areas for children, and it is advisable to closely supervise children during the visit. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌿

15. What are the nearby activities or similar sites?
Near the Ethnographic Museum and History of the Forest Peoples, you can also visit the National Museum, which presents works related to the forest peoples as well as all the other ethnic groups in Cameroon. It is a must visit Museum if you wish to get a culutral picture of Cameroon as a whole🏛️🌍. Before visiting the National Museum, you can equally go through the ultimate guide to visit the National Museum HERE. 

16. Are there any seasonal events or special activities on the site?

The museum organizes various events around the cultures of the forest peoples, including festivals, fashion shows, and temporary exhibitions that enrich the visitor experience. To be informed on upcoming events of this Museum please contact to be added to our mailing list of events and activities across Cameroon HERE 🎉👗

17. Is photography allowed, and are there any restrictions or fees?
Photography is allowed outside the museum. This allows visitors to capture memories of their visit without disturbing the integrity of the indoor exhibits. 📷🌟

18. What security precautions should visitors take?
It is recommended to park your vehicle in the museum’s secure parking lot and keep your personal belongings with you at all times, as the museum cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. 🛡️🚗

19. Are there any cultural considerations or etiquette tips that visitors should know?
It is important to respect the guides and the displayed art objects. The museum staff, often from the Fang communities, attach great importance to the preservation and respect of the presented objects and works. 🎨🙏

20. What are the must-sees of the attraction?
Do not miss discovering the history of the Ekang peoples, visiting the Aba, a symbolic house of hospitality, and exploring the women’s house to understand the traditional lifestyle of the forest women’s peoples. 🌿🏡

21. Are there dining options nearby?
A restaurant is available on the museum site, offering a variety of local and international dishes. Meal prices range between 1,500 and 3,000 XAF, allowing visitors to enjoy a gourmet break during their visit. 🍽️🍛



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