Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon, is home to the Monument of Reunification – a significant historical landmark that symbolizes the country’s formation. Located near the French Embassy and the Ministry of Defense, the monument celebrates the reunification of the Republic of Cameroon with the Southern Cameroon, previously under British mandate, on October 1, 1961.

To ensure this heritage is preserved for future generations, former President of the Republic of Cameroon, SE Ahmadou Ahidjo, launched a national and international competition to design an architectural representation of the country’s reunification. The winners of the competition were the father Engelbert Mveng, French architect Armand Salomon, and sculptor Gideon Mpando, who worked together from 1973 to 1976 to create this symbolic monument that is now part of Cameroon’s cultural heritage.

The Monument of Reunification is rich in symbolism, providing insight into Cameroon’s history. At first glance, the monument depicts a statue of an old man holding five children in his arms while holding the national torch, symbolizing freedom. The fact that the old man carries the torch and not the children is significant – it represents the old man’s role in passing on Cameroon’s cultural heritage and lighting the path from tradition to modernity. The children surrounding the old man represent equal opportunities for both boys and girls in the nation.

Additionally, the shape of the main monument is a spiral cone, representing two snakes whose heads unite at the top, symbolizing the two parts of Cameroon that have become one. On the left side of the structure, you can see the outline of Cameroon’s map. Beneath the monument, there are four pillars with engravings depicting the daily lives of people from Cameroon’s five cultural areas (hunting, fishing, sorcery masks, education, and harvests).
In conclusion, the Monument of Reunification is an essential part of Cameroon’s history and cultural heritage. It reminds us to stay united and work together to build a prosperous and emerging Cameroon, showcasing the diversity of its people. To experience the beauty and symbolism of this landmark, book a Yaoundé city tour in a sightseeing bus HERE


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