An Edea day trip is a must-do for anyone visiting Cameroon, offering a unique blend of adventure, nature, and history. It embarks you on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Cameroon either with the Sanaga River Cruise and kayaking in Lake OSSA. , or simply cruising the river to see the Primates in their natural habitat on the pongo songo chimpanzee island. For exclusive insights that will save you time and money for a trip to the chimpanzee island, please read our blog on the Know before you go : Ultimate Guide to the PONGO SONGO Chimpanzee Island.

Lake Ossa, along with smaller lakes like Mevia and Mwembe, forms the Lake Ossa complex, the largest natural lake in Cameroon. It is situated in the lower basin of the Sanaga River and features a diverse ecosystem, housing species like the African manatee, dwarf crocodile, and various fish in its waters.

The Sanaga River, the largest river in Cameroon, stretches approximately 600 kilometers. Originating from the Adamawa Plateau, it flows into the Gulf of Guinea. It also hosts important hydroelectric plants, such as the Edea and Song Loulou dams, crucial for the country’s energy supply.

Your gateway to Adventure?🚗💨

Total Logbaba station, located just 50m away from the clando transportation. Photo credit : YENGAFRICA

From Douala: Edea is roughly 70 kilometers away, a journey that can take about an hour or slightly more, depending on your choice of transportation.

Here are your options:

1. Interurban Bus Transportation: Comfortable and direct, costing around 5,000 Francs (8€). You can book your ticket for the 6 am Kribi departure at Men Travel, a local interurban transportation company. Before departure, kindly ask your driver to drop you at the Hostellerie de la Sanaga in Edea, where your cruise begins. If you are not familiar with the destination, let the driver know.

2. Clando: Clandos are local inter city transportation systems. It is a more economical choice, though it requires waiting until all seats are filled. For a quicker departure, consider renting the entire vehicle for approximately 17,500XAF (27euros). The clando vehicles usually have 9 seats, costing 2,500 francs per seat. Again, give your destination to the driver, which is Hostellerie de la Sanaga. Clandos can be taken either at Yassa or Total Logbaba, but we highly recommend you go to Total Logbaba, as Yassa is not that safe.

3. Personal Vehicle: If you’re driving yourself, navigating to Edea is straightforward. If you are using your personal vehicle, just book the Sanaga cruise tour, starting from Edea. You can park your vehicle for free at the Hostellerie de la Sanaga hotel.

4. All inclusive Day trip from Douala: The simplest and most comprehensive option for those who do not have a transportation option. It offers round-trip transportation, with all details handled for you, including refreshments during the cruise.

NB: Except for the All inclusive day trip from Douala, you will have to bring some water bottles to consume during the cruise, as water and drinks are served only during lunch, after kayaking and swimming in the lake. This means you will take part in the cruise without drinking if you don’t bring your water along. If you are selecting one of the first three options you will have to book your tour with departure from Edea before making our way to Edea. 

When to Visit? 📅

The best time to visit Sanaga River and Lake OSSA depends largely on personal preference. The lush landscapes and intense water flow of the rainy season from June to November offer breathtaking views and a unique adventurous sensation, while the clear skies from December to May are perfect for those looking to soak up the sun and navigate as close as possible between the gorges of Sanaga and the Hydroelectric DAM. Whichever season you choose, this Cameroon eco-tourism experience is bound to impress.

Edea hydroelectric DAM Photo credit : YENGAFRICA

What to Expect? 🌿🛶

The Sanaga River cruise seamlessly combines the thrill of adventure with the serenity of nature, making it one of the premier outdoor adventures in Cameroon. From learning about the historical sites in Edea, like the iconic Edea bridge and the hydroelectric dam known affectionately as the “Old Lady,” to wildlife spotting in Cameroon’s lush habitats, there’s something for everyone. You equally get to observe all the sanaga waterfalls in Edea, make sure not to miss the Waterfall that drops into the sanaga gorges, it is exceptionally amazing. Ohh, And let’s not forget the highlight for many: kayaking in Lake OSSA, where the tranquil waters provide a perfect backdrop for reflection and relaxation.

Cruise tour in the Gorges of Sanaga, clients connected and sharing their experience live. Photo credit : YENGAFRICA

How to prepare for Your Adventure? 👕🎒

Clients onboarding at the hostellerie de la Sanaga with relaxed outfit for a sunny day. Photo credit : YENGAFRICA

Dressing appropriately and packing smartly are key to enjoying your day trip. Comfortable attire suitable for outdoor activities will ensure you’re ready for anything, from a leisurely kayak paddle to exploring the grounds of the Douala Edea National Park. Remember, bringing your own water bottle is especially important if you’re traveling by clando, personal vehicle, or interurban transportation, as water is served only at lunchtime at the lake.

How to Stay Connected ?

View of lake Woermann, one of the islets in Lake Ossa where you will have the kayak experience Photo credit : YENGAFRICA

– No Signal, No Problem! 📶

Worried about losing touch while on the river? Fear not! Unlike many remote adventures where you might lose signal, the Sanaga River cruise keeps you connected. So, go ahead and share those live moments or snap away without a worry!

How to return Home ?🏡

Clients sharing a meal of fish and chicken at the bungalow in Dizangue. Photo credit : YENGAFRICA

After a day filled with adventure, your choice of transportation influences your return journey. YENGAFRICA facilitates a smooth transition back to Douala for those who opted for the Private Day Trip Tour Package, ensuring a seamless end to an exciting day. For self-driven guests, it’s straightforward: return to Douala at your leisure. If you chose interurban transportation or clando, the return is exclusively by clando since interurban options from Edea to Douala aren’t available. Be prepared to either wait for a vehicle to be full or secure all seats for an immediate departure. Remember, additional fees may apply if you prefer a direct drop-off at your home.

Excited? We thought so!

Head over to YENGAFRICA to book your Sanaga River cruise and Lake OSSA kayaking adventure. For a deeper dive into what awaits, check out our YengaImmersion YouTube video.


Q. Why is Douala a powerhouse?
A. Your guide will unveil Douala’s significance, attributed to its strategic position and vibrant history.

Q. Can I drive to Edea?
A. Absolutely, offering the freedom to explore at your own pace. Just ensure you’re equipped with essentials like water, as beverages are provided only with the Full Tour Package.

Q. What’s special about Edea?
A. Its stunning natural landscapes, historical depth, and strategic landmarks make Edea an intriguing destination. Will I stay connected? Yes, the Sanaga River cruise offers reliable network coverage, allowing you to share your journey live.